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Our Services - Customer service is our core value!

Home buyers, home sellers & homeowners choose RK Home Inspections for our professional, personalized service & thorough home inspection reporting. Every RK home inspection we perform exceeds industry standards, and our home inspectors receive extensive ongoing education to stay at the forefront of industry issues & trends.

  • Locally owned and operated

  • Full time, CREIA Certified Inspector (CCI)

  • Bakersfield Association of Realtors - Associate member   (SUPRA/Lockbox enabled)

  • Extended hours, open 7 days a week

  • We encourage & welcome our clients to be present and to ask any question they wish

  • A clear, concise, and easy to read report with color photographs emailed within 24-hours (PDF format)

  • Follow-up phone consultations

Inspection items include

(Per CREIA SOP & Limitations)

  • Grounds

  • Exterior

  • Foundation

  • Crawl Space or Basement

  • Roof

  • Attic

  • Electrical

  • Plumbing

  • Heating and Air Conditioning

  • Bathrooms

  • Kitchen Appliances

  • Laundry Room

  • Interior

  • Fireplaces

  • Windows

  • Doors

Residential Inspections - Buyer's Inspections

When it comes to choosing an inspector for your new home purchase; experience, quality, and trust should never be compromised.  RK Home Inspections brings over 15 years of professional residential inspection experience and a true focus on customer service & satisfaction to every inspection and to every valued client we serve! Our Inspections are carried out by trained and CREIA certified inspectors to the highest of professional standards.

We provide you with an honest, factual and non-biased report on the property being considered.  We encourage and strongly suggest that you attend the inspection with us.  And certainly,  feel free to ask any question you wish!

Multi-Family Property Inspections

The purchase of a multi-family property can be a great way to generate rental income and build financial security. And while the rewards can be high, the stakes are also high. The infrastructure and the systems that support the building can be larger and more complex, and are quite possibly more expensive to maintain and replace. Your multi-family inspection from RK Home inspections can be a small investment that may substantially reduce the risks to your large investment!

It just makes sense to learn as much as you can about the quality of your investment, before its purchase.  Your multi-family Inspection from RK Home Inspections will be performed in accordance with California Real Estate Inspectors Association (CREIA) Standards of Practice.

Condominium & Apartment Inspections

A condominium or apartment inspection is in many ways similar to a single family home inspection.  They are a non-evasive evaluation of the visible and accessible structure, systems and components that are the owner's or tenants responsibility (i.e., the non-shared space.)  As such, we always recommend that our clients check with their home owner’s association to find out what is their responsibility.  

While a condo inspection will not reveal every issue that exists and is not a warranty of the current or future condition of the condo, our inspectors are trained to identify material defects within a condo or apartment that may have a significant, adverse impact on the value of the property as well as those that pose an unsafe risk to the occupants.

Pre-Listing - Seller's Inspections

Planning on listing your home for sale?  Just like you want to be at the top of your game, you want your house to be ready for the scrutiny of potential buyers. You certainly do not want sale contracts on your home to fall through because of potential unknown issues.


It is a fact in the real estate industry that having a pre-listing inspection of your home increases the chances of making a quick sale, getting a better selling price, and is beneficial in reducing stress levels due to unforeseen problems.  An RK Home Inspections pre-list inspection gives you an invaluable tool that may help promote your home to prospective buyers.

New Construction - Builder's Draw Inspections

In a new home, the quality of construction can vary from job site to job site, therefore many buyers have independent reviews of their construction during various stages of the building process (examples:  site preparation/grading, foundation/slab, rough framing, intermediate exterior/interior finish work, landscaping, and final inspection.)  This relatively inexpensive, non-code compliance inspection will help protect your build and your purchase!


RK Home Inspections can help prevent unpleasant surprises and help assure you of a quality built home!

Commercial & Agricultural - New or Remodel

Commercial real estate investors can benefit from property inspections for many of the same reasons that apply to home inspections.  Every commercial property is different, and every client has different needs, expectations and budgets.  Our approach to these differing requirements is to customize each of our commercial property assessments according to those differences and needs.

Whether you are an investor specializing in commercial property, a banker, property manager, leasing agent, lender or tenant, you can rely on RK Home Inspections to provide you with commercial building inspections that provide the information you need for optimal decision-making.

"11th-Month" Warranty & Move-In Inspections

Pursuant to the California Civil Code sections 895 through 945.5, owners of new homes and condominiums have legal rights for up to 10 years on many home systems and components (as well as concealed structural defects.)  The first year of a builder's warranty period is particularly important, as the builder has responsibility for a broader range of defects occurring during the first 12 months after purchase.


At RK Home Inspections we have learned that a common problem is that many defects or other issues that would ordinarily be covered by the builders 1-year warranty go undiscovered until too late (because few home owners are trained to know what and how to inspect for these potential flaws.)

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